Saturday, 19 March 2011

Self Rescue Climbing Course

Today I took out 6 members of Wolverhampton Mountaineering Club for a day of rock climbing self rescue techniques. WMC had applied for an instructor grant from the British Mountaineering Council and hired me for the day to show them some skills. We drove round to Willies crag in the Ogwen valley and enjoyed beautiful spring sunshine for the whole day. The team picked up the ropework pretty quickly and we covered tying off and releasing a belay plate under load, assissted and unassissted hoists and escaping from the system. There is so much to learn with self rescue that we could have easily spent another couple of days working on the ropework!

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WMC said...

Wolverhampton Mountaineering Club members attended a Self Rescue Course with Rory funded by the BMC. Rory was friendly and very patient with us quite easily managing a group with different abilities. Thank you!