Saturday, 26 March 2011

Lead climbing course and perfect weather

From Wednesday to Friday I was working for friends Silvi and Simon of the Rock Climbing Company. I had three awesome days with Patrick who was keen to get leading on rock and push his grade. Patrick has a good mountaineering background and he has done a lot of classic routes in the alps and loads of skiing. He really wanted to push his rock climbing so he could get on harder routes in the alps and not rely on his friends to lead him all the time. On Wednesday we headed into the pass and climbed Crackstone Rib , Phantom Rib and Kaisergerbirge Wall. Its such a treat to climb in the pass in warm sunshine this time of year. On Thursday we headed to Tremadog and Patrick got on the sharp end and lead all the pitches of Boo Boo and Oberon - a really good effort.
On Friday we wanted a bit more of a mountain adventure so we headed into Cwm idwal where Patrick lead 2 pitches of Hope. We had plenty of time spare so we carried on up Lazarus and the Arete - a great day out.

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