Sunday, 27 February 2011

Slate Adventure

This afternoon Jen and I decided to go for a wee adventure in the Dinorwig slate quarries. Now it is important to state at this point that the slate quarries are private owned and Snowdonia Mountaineering in now way condones trespassing.... on a serious note if you are climbing or adventuring in the quarries please be discreet.

We walked through the quarries from Bus Stop to beyond Twll Mawr from where we took an incline up a few level to the top of Twll Mawr. From here a tunnel leads you through the slate to a window 45 meters up the side of the Lost World hole. We abseiled out of here (bolts in place), which is a little bit exciting, to the bottom of the Lost World. Its a well named spot - its very surreal down there. It has its own little lake and ecosystem in there and the walls are streaked with bright red mosses. From there a tunnel leads you into Mordor which is escaped by climbing a series of rickety ladders - all scary stuff! A great little adventure.

On the mountains there is a bit of fresh snow to about 850m and its is forecast to be cold for a few days so take care in them hills!

Jen in the Lost World. Access is via abseil from the hole in the cliff.

Jen abseiling out of the window

Heading down into the Lost World

Jen climbing the ladders to escape from Mordor
ps.. I would also recommend a helmet for this adventure and all mountaineering related activities (Jen's didn't fit over her hat)

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