Tuesday, 15 February 2011

A quick Ski Tour up Lurchers Gully

Freshly deposited windslab cracking and sliding easily!

View from the Summit of Lurchers Crag 1053m
Today I had a nice skin from Coire Cas up Lurchers gullys to the summit of Lurchers crag or Creag an Leth Choin as it probably should be known as. I had hoped that it might have been a good day to make the long tour over to Ben MacDui but as I arrived at the car park I was greeted by 50mph winds and clouds of spindrift (wind blown snow) so changed my plans. As I toured across to Lurchers gully there was lots of fresh wind slab being deposited so not a good day to be on any steep slopes as the avalanche risk would have been very high. The gully was full of pretty soft snow so I was pretty psyched for the descent!
Unfortunately as I came down the visibility got even worse so I had to take it pretty steady! Its always tricky when you can't tell what the snow is going to be like. It is a really good run down - probably about a blue run if it was pisted. I finished the day with a nice cappuccino in The Mountain Cafe (they also do a fantastic all day breakfast!).

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