Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Hillwalking and Navigation Course

On Monday I met up with client Richard who wanted a couple of days introduction to hillwalking in Snowdonia and navigation training. So on Monday morning we dragged ourselves out of Pete's Eats into the welsh rain and headed up on to Moel Elio. As we made the summit the skies cleared and we were treated to a fine and sunny afternoon. The bad weather in the morning was great for practicing walking on a bearing, every cloud has a silver lining....

Today we decided to focus a bit more on navigation techniques so we headed to the Northern Carneddau. Richard put into practice orientating the map, taking a description of the route, pacing and timing as we made our way over Moel Faban, Y Gyrn and round Moelwynnion. Its been a great couple of days and I wish Richard the best of luck with his various adventures (including travelling down the Congo!)

Richard on the Moel Elio Ridge

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