Monday, 19 April 2010

Busy working, busy playing....

... although sometimes its hard to separate! The awesome dry and sunny weather rolls on and I've had an awesome few days. I've been guiding scrambles over Tryfan, the Glyders and Crib Goch, had a great day ticking a load of classic HVS and E1s at Tremadog, bouldering in the Llanberis pass in the evenings so I'm having a bit of a day off today as I'm starting to ache and I need to grow some more skin on my fingers! Unfortunately I cant post any photos as my camera is in a friends rucsac!

For those of you looking to come up to Snowdonia to climb on our fantastic mountain crags now is the time - even Cloggy is dry (if still a bit chilly) and the forecast looks good for the next few days. I've got a couple of days of work then I'm headed down to Pembroke with a friend for some climbing on the amazing limestone sea cliffs found there.