Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Obsession... and autumn projects

Climbing is addictive and obsessive - I'm going through a spell of being fully pysched about getting stronger and fitter. The main reason for this is that I've been trying some hard sport routes - something I have never really done before. Sure I have sport climbed before - but I have tried things that I have had a good chance of getting first go. I been down to the Diamond on the Little Orme (THE place to go at the moment) to try Boat People - an uber classic 7c and into the Dinorwig slate quarries for The Dark Half 7c+/8a. Both routes are really at the limit of my climbing abilities at the moment so some serious training and mental pysche is required. I have even been visualising moves lying in bed at night! I have also been falling repeatedly of the final moves of the Full Roadside Traverse at the Cromlech - a bit of a long standing mission and at v9 or 8a+ sport grade will be a big tick for me!