Monday, 26 October 2009

Autmn afternoons

The fine autumn in Snowdonia rolls on... Having recovered (just about) from a vicious bout of man flu I found enough energy to make the 5 minute drive to the Dinorwig slate quarries. Being by myself I decided I would practice a route on a fixed rope and self belay using a gri-gri. I Had a good play on and worked out all the move on True Clip - a brutal 7b+. Like most hard slate routes it involves pulling, standing and rocking onto tiny holds - think crimping on the edge of a pound coin! It is amazing what can can be used when you remember that you are climbing a slab, albeit a steep one, and you have a little faith! There is something very satisfying in looking at a series of tiny holds and then piecing the puzzle together bit by bit till you find the right sequence of moves.