Sunday, 17 July 2011

The Welsh Monsoon Arrives!

Bang on time for the first weekend of the school holidays the Welsh Monsoon has arrived. I was supposed to take client Tony out for a day of advanced scrambling but having seen the forecast we decided to re-schedule! Check out todays forecast from MWIS:

Headline, Snowdonia National Park
Severe upland gales. Considerable rainfall; local flooding.

How Windy?
West or northwesterly soon 40mph gusts 55mph and by midday on higher western hills 50 gusts 70mph.
Effect Of Wind?
Widespread considerable buffeting. On higher summits, general mobility very difficult; you may be blown over. Severe wind chill.

How Wet?
Extensive heavy rain throughout daylight
Rain off and on eastern hills. Elsewhere, particularly all hills toward the coast, incessant often heavy rain, giving falls of 1 to locally approaching 2 inches, with local flooding on paths and streams in spate.

Cloud on the hills?
Very extensive, lowest west and north
Cloud will shroud western and northern hills below 400m most of day. On eastern areas, base generally in range 500 to occasionally 750m.
Chance of cloud free Summits?
Less than 10%
Sunshine and air clarity?
Sunless. Visibility extensively very poor in heavy rain and cloud.

How Cold? (at 900m)
6 to 8C but will feel as cold as minus 7C directly in the wind.

Mental - especially the section where it suggested winchill will be -7 on the tops!!!
Sometimes you have to take the decision to not go out - no matter how far you have come. I would expect the rescue teams to be busy today.

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