Tuesday, 17 November 2009

November Rain

Well the rain and the wind has been pretty much incessant here in Snowdonia for the past 2 weeks! Its a good job I'm off to sunny El Chorro in Andalucia for 2 weeks on Thursday! I have mainly been sheltering in the climbing wall but today I thought it might be possible to sneak a route in on the quick drying slate. After some extended procrastination and a coffee or two Jim, Lucy and I wandered up to the Rainbow Walls in the Dinorwig Quarries.

Amazing colours on the slate

Its always nice to stroll through the quarries, to discover lost gems from times past and to soak up the amazing atmosphere. Thankfully as the first of the heavy showers rolled in off Snowdon we found a little shed, complete with old fire place, next to a winding house - probably used as a Foreman's office when the quarries were running. We quickly realised that climbing wasn't going to happen so we made our way back to Llanberis - getting fully soaked in the process!


You've got to try huh?