Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Northern Limestone

It is always exciting to head somewhere new - it gives you a whole different psyche and outlook. It has been somewhat of an oversight on my part that I had not visited Malham Cove - a bastion of sport climbing and an arena of immense, overhanging limestone walls.

Jim of V12 was to be my partner for this trip - being a Malham devotee and having climbed 8a there - was going to show way! We stopped off at Chapel Head Scar in the South Lakes on the way over for a very quick hit. What a great crag - fantastic routes, clean, unpolished and solid limestone and a beautiful situation. Its well worth a visit for anyone climbing in the high 6's and into the 7th grade. I climbed Tufa King Hard 6c - fantastic tufa climbing and then flashed War Games a very meaty and classic 7b.

We then bailed over to Malham and I was overawed with the size and majesty of the place. A must visit spot for walkers and climbers alike. After my exertions on War Games I had a chilled out evening and just did the one route - Consenting Adults 7a while Jim had a look at the desperate Zoolock 8a. I then enjoyed a fantastic pint of Old Peculiar at the pub!

We returned the next day in the rain - however Malham is so overhanging it is possible to climb in the rain! I had a couple of goes on an amazing 7c called New Dawn but conditions where taking a turn for the worst with the moist air condensing on the rock. A great trip and I will definitely be back!!