Monday, 1 June 2009

Right Wall E5 6a

Right Wall... what a simple name but hugely evocative for those who aspire to climb this 50m blank wall of rhyolite. Dreams are made and broken here and many a talented climber has spent hours gazing up, wondering if they have what it takes. Right Wall was first climbed in 1974 by Pete Livesey, a climber who talent, dedication and vision saw him revolutionise climbing in the 70's. It follows a devious and bold line up the wall, linking lines of pockets and small holds that only appear at close quarters.

I finally felt like I was up to the challenge so made the grunt up to the Cromlech on Sunday evening. By 6pm the heat had gone out of the day and a gentle breeze was blowing down the pass. As soon as I pulled on to the rock all my anxieties disappeared and I climbed like I only have done before in my dreams... smooth, flowing and uninhibited by fear. It was a very special evening.

Cheers for the belay Jon